Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The butterfly effect: Was Nazism after all caused by a man oversleeping one morning in the 16th century?

This is from the introduction of "Sliding doors" starting with a "butterfly effect"! In this clip two parallal stories starts. In the movie you see how the slighest event creates infinite of chain-reactions. Only the mom preventing her girl from blocking the maincharacter for å slight second changes the whole lifes to a couple of peoples!

The butterfly effect refers to the idea that a butterfly's flapping of wings creates tiny changes in the atmosphere. And this slight difference can cause infinite of chain-reactions that in the end can cause a tornado on the other side of the earth! Its quite crazy when you think of it!

In the movie the event in the start cause the maincharacter to e.g. meet someone she fells in love with. And if they marry and get childrens they start a whole new lineage. And in a few hundreds of year it exists a whole bunch of people's that would not exist if the mom had not preventet her girl to block a person for a second.

You can change the history of the world today! :) After all, maybe Nazism never had happend if a man in England had not overslept a morning in the 16th century?

Have you experienced the butterfly effect? Please tell about it belove!

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