Friday, March 25, 2011

America's most hated family

This is what is said to be America's most hated family. You may sense the intense abomination in America against them on the video. They've met a counterdemonstration and the Police has to bring them to safety before someone is hurt.(the first ammandment rigths gives good defense regardless if you deserve it or not)

UPDATE: America is now in a fury after they published an annoucement where they thank God for the dead in Joplin, and pray for more destruction. Just when you thought they could'nt sink any deeper...

If you wonder who the heck this Phelps-family think they are, check out the BBC-documentary. In short terms they're extreme fire and brimstone-christian secterics who spread their message about "God hates fags/america/sinners/you etc. In this documentary they great journalist Louis Theroux has visited them over a time to find about more who they really are, interesting and extremely nasty and provoking.

You may have met religious/christian fanatics too(just a little less extreme)? Or are you just extremely annoyed by fanatics?
Brainwashed from birth...
Some people's may use religion as a "legitimate" way to jugde all others so they can feel better themself. Or maybe they just think its so fun to provoke others, since they're so sure they are right? Some fanatics maybe have so much anger and hate inside, and need one way to express it(it can be effective if you use God on your side). Others are maybe just forced into something or brainwashed by rageaholic and manipulating leaders.

As a christian I think Westboro Baptist Church are totally wrong. Why?, I think Louis have some good points in this discussion! For a christian biblebased view, read this.

Do you think WBC is an abomination before God?

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