Thursday, August 27, 2009

At the Worlds end

In Mai I was on Vågsøy an Island uttermost at the Atlantic Ocean on Norways westcoast. It feels to be at the worlds end with the wild, barren and mighty mountains uttermost at the almost endless ocean. I was there togheter with my family at my grandfathers 90-years anniversary.
Follow this link to find this Island on the map.

It feels a little bit like another world for a landcrab from the inland. Fantastic to come out to real wild nature sometimes and enjoy the piece.

Mountainwalk with my good relatives, uncle, aunt, cousins and siblings.

This very delishious beach Refviksanden is too on the same island.

Me photographing.

Looking towards Vestkapp, the uttermost western mountain plateau in North Europe.

Me with the famous Kannestein(Canstone).

Great to see the Atlantic Ocean again. Its good experience too see into the almost endless Atlantic ocean.

Isolated place to live there on te other side is seems.

My dad on the famous Kannestein(Canstone) posing for my uncle who takes photo.

Togheter with my good friend and cousin Marius on trip in rough weather.

Walk in mountain togheter with cousin, uncle, aunt and siblings.

Inwards the fiord.

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