Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was on supportmeeting for Israel in Oslo at the Bigthing(the parliament). Im supporting Israel because I think the war and slaugthing of civils is most Hamas guilt because they are shooting so many missils to Israel that Israel have to take affair to protect them self and Hamas is using the civils as shield when Israel only are trying to destroy Hamas weapens and military structure. Maybe it neigther would be possible to mediate with Hamas when they are so evil and Allah and Muhammed has ordred them to destroy the jews. I dont think Israel had much other choice than attacking Gaza other than surrender to Hamas and let let them do more horrible thing and kill more civils after time is going than Israel has done in Gaza. And I think media is representing conflict wrong and conspiring because it isnt popular to support Israel.

And outside the Polices ironring there was a furious and violent counterdemonstration of palestinians and muslims! They was throwing both bottles, eggs, stones and fireworks at us and the police!

It was cool to see police in action, they was good prepared with helmets, shields, cs-gas, gas-masks, trailers with big grid-shields, fences and 2 helicopters ower the Israelsupportmeeting. After the meeting I was seeing police chasing rebels with gridshield-trailers and cs-gas up the street and that was action!

Later the police had to take affair and was coming riding on horses, with dogs and CS-gas against the violent palestinian demonstration. They answered with sending fireworks and firebomb against police, it was dramatic and caotic! It was the worst street-disturbances in Norway since start of the 80s, and they continued afterwords razing the city and fight against police and Israel-friends. I didnt got any good photos of the counterdemonstration or in the right moments. And I neigther dared to go nearer with Davidstars in face and Israel-flag on my chest and back. Right after this the supportmeeting was abrupted because the cs-gas was spreading so we only had to escape from the place because the cs-gas were too painful!

And a nice boy asking me to take photo of him with his pathetic poster :)

I was entering free at the end of the national broadcastet sportsaward from one of the olympic arenas in Hamar from OL 1994. This is when Norways sportstriumphs and the athlets is celebrated and get awards.

I have always been fascinated of crane-cameras!

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