Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My music production

I'm trying to learn music production. Tried to get started many years, but has given up many times because of complicated softwares and technical problems. Have been rather more confused than smarter when trying to learn. But a few months I started a facebookpage I obligate myself to publish at least one new work each month, you can like my page here. For this month I at last managed to make this work I proudly can present. More info about the work on the soundcloud page, it's written for this countdown.
Started to get a little easier last week when I bought the new Logic Pro X, I really struggled with the complicated 9-version of the software. And I bought some good tutorials as well.

Here's a instrumental work that makes me glorious. Sounds as being made with very authentic software instruments. I hope I one time will get that good control over studio/instrument-software's to tweak it like this! Awesome mix between symphonic, beats and synth!

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