Saturday, April 30, 2011

The airplane's life after death

I love the Discovery-series "How do they do it?". In this episode it's really cool to see how a airplane is destroyed and recycled. It's quite sad when the airplanes is just parked on a graveyard waiting for their death and fatal wrecking, but later you see that it's ressurected to a new life as phone's, computer's and TV's!

demolition, old neighbour-house
But what about you? When you're becoming old, placed on old people's home just waiting for your death? Or worse, destructed as the airplane by sickness or violence. But unlike the airplane your body won't recycle and rise to something better. It will just rot away.

But is it really much more hope for airplanes than for us? If the Bible is true it's still hope for us after death if we put our trust in God. Just read e.g. John 3:16, John 11:25, John 10:27-28 and Rev 21:3-4
You may think this is only wishful thinking for people who need hope. But in fact I find Christianity quite rational to believe in, but that's another blogpost.....

Vis større kart
Part of the airplane-graveyard in google-maps.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

2 billion watching royal wedding?

If you have not heard about the royal wedding yet, you must have been in the third world or at another planet.
Seems as almost every media tells totally uncritical about (over) 2 billion watching the royal wedding (live). Is it really likely that almost every third person in the world watched it? And that the royal wedding is many times bigger than both the FIFA-WC-final, Superbowl or Eurovision song contest?

Live from palace one time I was there.
But I cant find the 2 billion-claim much convincing. Even in the best broadcasting time Eurovision Song Contest is only viewed by around 120 millions in Europe. And the SuperBowl-final has an average view of 111 millions mostly in America. If the mainparts of the western world only can gather around 230 millions in best broadcasting time, where do they get the other 1,77 billions from? FIFA WC-finals is estimated to around 700 millions, and even FIFA admits thats exaggarated.
The royal wedding is propably only a big thing in the western world, than we can eliminate a couple of billions in Africa, Asia and South-America.   
And remember this wedding was sent in the worst broadcasting time, on a fridaymorning when America was sleeping, and me and the most of Europe was busy at work or school.

In reality I think the royal wedding was available to around 2 billions, but media may have misunderstood or just exaggerated it until 2 billions viewers! Pinged articles to get readers: 1, 2,3

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Church - House of love

Here's T-Mobile's latest ad and a hot viral video right now. T-Mobile UK are good in doing ads that make people happy with their slogan "Life's for sharing". Earlier they've got good ads as the T-Mobile dance and the T-Mobile welcome back at Heathrow. Norwegian tele-ads are just too conceited, horrible and annoying in comparison. I really like that T-Mobile rather do great things that make people happy in their ads instead of shameless boasting about their prices and products.

In this ad they are making fun to celebrate the coming UK royal wedding with lookalikes dancing into the wedding. Nice to see the bishop running in to the church and making good atmosphere and people are happy and dancing. I think the East 17-song is so appropriate to this, the church should really be a "house of love" where "everybody's free" with "one love - one God".

But most churches is not exactly like this, its rather too serious and boring for most people. Seems as you really need a compassionate relationship to God if you shall overcome a singel service. :) I think T-Mobile is a good rolemodel for how the church should be! I've been in a few churches and meetings a bit like in this ad, but they are few.
But at least church use to be a house of love where everybody's free, more than all other places I think.

♪...everybody in the house of love, love - one God..♪♫
I've got the song on my mind! I love catchy songs with a good message.

So what do you think about T-Mobile, royal wedding ad, the East 17-song or church?

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