Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to start a religion?

The Lord of the stadium
Philip does the Christ-pose

If you believe that Christianity is not true, it raises some other hard questions. If Jesus was only a man. Find another explanation for his impossible assignment to convince the world that he was God, if he was not.

If you was Jesus, how would you convince a huge part of the world that you're God? If you claim you're God, people will just think you're mad. If you want to be believed, you have to prove the extraordinary claims. If you do not have all the power in heaven and on earth, thats just a little bit hard to do. Jesus Christ proved to be God by e.g. performing miracles such as healing countless sick people, walking on water, fulfilling prophecies, feeding thousands from a single lunch, calming storm, ascending to heaven, rising from death and so on.

If you shall start a religion, it's much easier doing as the other religion founders: Just claim you're a prophet or that you had some revelations. One of the really stupid things to do, is claiming to be God, if you're not. They death sentenced Jesus Christ for it, but since He IS God, He just resurrected a few days after! :) 

Think of the implications before you reject something, how could just a man found christianity, the biggest movement ever? 

Fire your objections under. 

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