Sunday, March 27, 2011

Even the smallest good deed can make you a hero!

This is one of the best flashmob's ever! Sometimes done to promote a cause. So what are you doing when you see a little thing that should be removed, replaced, repaired or something when its not your problem? Are you only going away and behave as you did'nt see it? This lady is becoming a hero for just a little good deed she did even when she didnt know anybody was watching.
I heard a good quote one time I dont remember, but someting like: its the person you are when nobody sees you really are.

Jesus Christ speaks about it in Matt 6:1-4. Its easy to do good deeds when people are watching you so they can give you honour and think you are a really good person. Maybe some people are motivated to give money in public to charity, only for promoting themself's a good persons that all people should like?, and because they want to be popular?
But with the right motifs, I dont think it need to be a bad think to practice righteousness before people. I think e.g. some celebrities sponsor charity public because they really care about the poor, and want to be good rolemodels for their fan's. And inspire other people's to be good. I think it's all about what drives you to do good, if you do so. Is it only to promote youself as good person, or because you care?

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