Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is the security level too high for Al Qaida?

Very funny, but fortunately security is too high these days that terrorists hardly can bomb anymore.

Al qaida promised revenge after Osama's death. But they has'nt attacked yet. They dont seem to be strong enough to attack the west. The security and investigation is obviously on a too high level to let Al qaida kill some of us. As far as I know they only got three significant attacks in the west (9/11,Madrid,London) in 11 years. And now its 6 years since the London-attack. Do we have to be so scared anymore when they regularly comes up with new threats against the western world?

Bombalarm at Orly Airport
I've experienced the terrorfear my self at Orly Airport, Paris. In the terminal waiting for checkin, it suddenly came a bunch of Police and armed soldiers. They started evacuating a large area of the terminal, and pulling us further and further away. A bombexpert with a heavy west and big suitcase arrived. They had discovered a suspicious bag. We had been evacuated a distance away so I did'nt see how they did it, but after a while we heard a loud boom! They had blown up the bag. But this time it was only false bombalarm, only a forgotten bag. I got an impression of how much the western world fear terrorists.

But thanks to Police and governments prioritizing security we obviously dont need to be very scared of Al Qaida and other islamists anymore. And now when Osama is killed, they're probably further weakend. Remember that you have bigger chance winning the lottery-jackpot than dying in terrorist attack!

Obama's(imitator) alternative speach on Osama's death, great! Even a few references to Willow Smith and Rebecca Black.

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  1. I heard and see that the al Qaida must be a American Jewish terrorist network and not a Muslim terror network ,because all people in the world know that Pentagon is the most secured building in the world and nobody has seen videos from outdoor cameras around the building that a airplane fly in to the building. And all people in the world hear that 4000 Jews that work in world trade center and many of the Jewish people in Pentagon was told by the Jewish terrorists to stay home from work the 11 sep 2001. The mostly of the Jews that had to stay home had never been away from work before this day the 11 sep 2001.

    And why did groups of Jews from CIA, FBI, US Police and other American Jews robbed away millions of tons with gold and billions of used us dollars from under world trade center the days before 11 sep 2001.

    Her is some video proves on this I tell you here. Can somebody show that this I tell is wrong?

    Media in US must be threatened by the Jewish thieves that robbed gold and dollar from under world trade center days before 11 sep 2001 since media in US not tell about the gold robbery and that 4000 Jews stayed home from work. If Osama did the attack then he is not a Muslim but play that he is a Muslim and in real he is a Abrahams children Jew that cooperate with the Jewish gold thieves from CIA, FBI, US Police and other American Jews.

    Here is 1 hour you tube videos with proves that tell us that it was explosives for blow down buildings in all world trade center:

    After world war 2 Thurman said that he wanted to have Jewish ruled America. That’s family bloodline racism on other people that is not in bloodline to Abraham from the bible.

    I am born in this life in to Abrahams bloodline so I am born Jewish in this life but I do understand as the Jewish born Albert Einstein understand to that Abraham never heard any voice from the sky. There has never been any voices from the sky to anybody. All tell lies because of their egoism.

  2. The conduction of the Bush-administration and their (war on terrorism) was probably the intended reaction the terrorist-networks hoped to achieve after the 11.September attacks.

    But what I find puzzling about the response (the war on terrorism) was why the United States had trouble finding someone as renown as Osama bin Laden in the first place.


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