Saturday, May 21, 2011

Survived doomsday?

The rapture is the phenomen described in e.g. Matt 24:30-31, Luke 17:34-37 and 1 Thess 4:17. And as you can see in this great rapture-prank. Its said to be the first step right before doomsday, and the worlds end. If the Bible is true it may can happen anytime. But it's a big discussion how the Bible's endtime prophecies should be interpreted and how it eventually will play out. But the few american christian's believing in doomsday today, have got massive critics from mainstream christianity because of e.g. Matt 24:36-44.

It has been a huge worldwide hype about the todays judgement day.
But even if the world had much fun about the may21doomsday-believing christians, there was actually peoples honestly believing in this weird interpretation of the Bible. Peoples who've left their homes, jobs etc just to warn fellow americans about judgement day. Peoples who've spent all their money on doomsday-campaigns. Peoples who may get a really hard life afterwords. Peoples who may will be too ashamed to participate more in the society. Peoples who will go through a big crisis in faith and vision. I hope people will take care of them even how much fool they've maked of them selfs. But I think their leaders deserve the critique tomorrow. 
harold camping false prophet
Here's a story from New York-times about some childrens having a hard time because of their fanatic 21maydoomsday-parents. This comment is also worth reading. And if you was a 21maydoomsday-believer, here's a guide for you to what to do now.

After it didnt happen anything may 21, Harold Camping who started it all has postponed in until october 21. Yes, it is just as stupid as it sounds.
Let's see if we survive oct 21, and dec 21, 2012 too! But even if I dont think the judgement day can be predicted, Im at least prepared for the apocalypse if christianity is true. I hope you to are, if not I recommend to watch this.

"Harold couldn't be more right. The end of the world is coming, we just don't know the time of it." says Will Graham to The Christian Post.

I wrote about some other religious fanatics here.

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  1. Hmm.. Australia still stands. And there they're almost done with the 21.

  2. ja eller kanskje bare ingen i Australia har vært i stand til å rapportere til vesten? LOL

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, but there's nothing but serenity on Glenelg beach:

  4. Well Fjellestad, you are right about one thing. Domes day will come, one day or another. Thing is, not even Jesus knows when, as he said him self, only the father above knows the day and time. He also knew there would be rumors and peoples like this claiming the doomsday to be "today". Well well, he knew they would all be disappointed too.

  5. Kunne du tenke deg å skrive på Norsk!

  6. Hei, beklager min gebrokkne engelsk. Synes det blir så kjedelig å skrive norsk for da begrenser man sine lesere til bare oss få nordmenn. Som du ser på verdenskartet -> så får man ved hjelp av fx googlesøk og twitter besøk fra hele verden. Har heller ikke bare norske venner. Og engelsk er jo mye kulere enn norsk, og godt å få litt engelsk-trening også.

  7. Talk about sorry looking humanity.
    All the fools that sold all they had in life.

  8. I never understand this thingy with doomsdays predictions. As a beleiver in christ, well sort of atleast, i happen to know that he once said that no one, not even him self (Christ that is) knows the time and date for when he will return. Only the father knows.

    So WHY botther predicting something Jesus even don't know? Never figured that out...


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