Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreadful tornado - do you care?

PS: Strong scenes. And CNN-reporter Anderson Cooper brings you the story behind the video. From this you got the impression how scared and traumatized the locals in Joplin are after the dreadful and furious tornado that just hit them. As you hear they desperately shouts to God when the forcible, horrific and dreadful tornado passes with the sound of 100 freight trains. The whole town is wrecked and many killed. It's may not easy to watch the video and listening to the panicked and scared people. But its may necessary to understand the suffering and wake your compassion. Superficial reading of news often makes it more to statistics than personal destinies.

I need a reminder on the worlds sufferings. I feel I live in a bubble in Norway, easy to be so indifferent, forget it and dont care. Even if the most evident suffering is far away for many of us, we can at least follow Jesus Christ who wants us to pray for and give to the poor. Peoples are suffering, wake up from your bubble!
I recommend you to support Joplin through Samaritan's Purse!

But even how dangerous and devastating tornadoes are, they're too ave-inspiring, fascinating and migthy!
And CNN has an interesting article about why tornadoes are the most terrifying natural disaster.

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  1. President Barack Obama vil besøke katastrofeområdet kommende helg og har lovet all mulig bistand i arbeidet med å gjenoppbygge området.

    - Alt vi kan gjøre, er å la dem få vite at alle i USA har dyp medfølelse, og at vi kommer til å gjøre absolutt alt for at de skal komme på fote igjen, sa Obama tirsdag.

    jada den hørte vi etter katarina også... skjedde det mye da? nei.


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