Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Was it a good thing to kill Osama?

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Here SWAT and America obviously got the wrong man. Can we be sure they got the right man this time?

a nice peace-activist I met
The conspiracy-theories has started. Some think it's suspicious that Osama allegedly was shot, than dumped to the ocean, and America still has'nt published evidences for the killed Osama. Obama sure need good publicity and achievements before the coming election, as well as a good reason for all their controversial activity in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. 
American government says they has'nt published the photo's yet because their too gruesome. But they may publish it soon because of all the pressure. Just as Obama just published his birth-attest to refute the speculations that he was'nt American.
Im not very worried by the conspiracy-theories, and many mysteries has a logical explanation, as the Penta-lawn 2000☺. UPDATE: And now it seems as the conspirazy-theories has lost its sting, after al-qaida confirmed Osama's death.
  I mostly trust Obama, American government and their special forces in Pakistan that they really know what they are doing. I think they're honest and that they really want to to the right things, and the best for the world.  

Some means war and killing is always wrong. And some religious is pacifist's too. But have they thought about the concequences of just being pacifist peace-daydreamers? According to Rom 13:3-4 the government is God's servant to our best who bears sword to protect us against evildoers. What if Osama had a chance to escape if they had'nt killed? Capturing him alive could also be very problematic. And when Osama is dead, Al-Qaida propably does'nt have any strong, carismatic leader who can inspire to terror as Osama anymore. I believe killing of Osama saves many other lifes!

Here another christian response. But usually it's good arguments both for and against. Let's continoue the debate under before I mess up this article totally. Please correct me if you think Im wrong!

I think this is a good summary of the last week as a Twittrer wrote:
"A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. It's a real Disney weekend here on earth."

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