Sunday, October 30, 2011

Producing trailers for church party!

We(my church's filmteam) made some trailers for a church event for youths. Since this would happen on another place than usual, we made a trailer of the road between!
This is most often fridaynight party in the church where all the youths in the city are invited, it's popular with over 900 fans on facebook! Watch the bottom video to see what a Viva La Vida-church party night can be like!

Viva Event Trailer 2 from Hamar Frikirke: FilmCrew on Vimeo.

This event was a activityday with climbing, paintball, dodgeball, DJ, Cafe, games etc. So we made a trailer with some friends climbing. Really cool. In both these trailers we used music by the great christian DJ; Andy Hunter, and I recommend to buy this really cool song, in support for children charity too. "Hold on, to the One - hold tight, to the light"!

For this last video, we let the chiefhost, the cool youthleader in the other church we cowork with for these events inform about it. Unfortunately too bad sound because I forgot to switch on the mic on the main camera.

And exclusively on my blog, the draft of one trailer we wouldn't show or publish. We realized that it was too similar to the Utøya massacre. We really had to consider about that, because several youths using to attend this event, was actually at Utøya and survived the massacre.

And some behind the scenes photos:
Recording trailer

rubenviva 2

And some photos from the actual event:

More photos in the photoalbum.

And this video produced by my brother on an ordinary Viva La Vida-church party night! And the awesome music by a friend. Watch it HD here.

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