Thursday, October 06, 2011

Traceurs parkouring!

This is parkour/freerunning! I was so fascinated after watching it on youtube that I had to find a group doing it. Really cool to meet the traceurs(parkourpeople), and see their awesome jumps and tricks!
They learned me some foundational techniques, but it wasn't easy. Was a bit disappointed, since it seems to be so easy on youtube! :) I have to try more to see if I have the abilities and patience to learn some foundational parkour.

Amazing new video with one of the cool traceurs I met! As you see parkour can be really useful! (PS: not mine videoes)

and another one with the same guy!

extreme jumping
The same guy in the longest jump I've ever seen!

Another amazing video. This is more freerunning, just like parkour but with more acrobatics. Parkour is more about efficiency than style, the fastest way between two points without unnecessary acrobatics.

All parkour-pics here.

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