Sunday, October 09, 2011

The church filmcrew

Me and some friends has started a filmteam in the church. And this is our first project, a little introduction-film to the sermon. Just quite annoying that it is in norwegian, this language we've been cursed by God to speak, after the confusion of tongues in Babel(but thats another theological discussion if languages is a curse or blessing). But the film is about that you can change the world and make a difference.

kortfilm 2
Recording at last with the main character. For the first scene, after we had driven to the location to film in the city center, we discovered we had forgot the main character at the church campus.

You can change the world!

Give to the poor!

kortfilm 4
Tha preacher introduces his theme for the sermon in the video.

My pastor (manipulated)
Here is by the way our pastor!

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