Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photographing with friends

Me and two good friends Ruben and Jo Yngve was out some trips last year for photographing. Nice to be togheter with them and be inspired of photograph-friends who know what they are doing. We had one trip to the mountain, and a couple of trips out in the city, often in the night. Photographing is a good thing to do as a little hobby with friends.This is most livephotos from phototrips, for our real photos follow the links at the bottom.

On a mountaintop shoting the view.

Jo Yngve under the bridge. Training portraits.

Ruben is shooting passing train.

Training on portaits.

Ruben on the railway-station in the night.

Photo: Ruben Stensrud.  Ruben used me as model a few times, and this was selected as the picture of the month for desember by the local paper. Nice advent-atmosphere in the city.
Photo: Ruben Stensrud: Im Going trough the subway on the railwaystation.
The night on the railway-station.

Photo: Ruben Stensrud. We was in the hills one night it thundered very much! Ruben got this on the whole frontpage of the local paper the day after.

Ruben has the biggest lences!

Break in a little cabin.
Good view from a mountaintop.
My model
 Here is some of my real photos from my homecity. I also strongly recommend Rubens photoalbum, and Jo Yngves photopage!

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