Monday, February 21, 2011

Trips to the westcoast for last farewell with Grandpa.

I was a few trips to Vågsøy uttermost at the ocean on the westcoast to take farewell with Grandpa. 2 weeks ago to meet Grandpa last time when he was deadly ill, and this weekend for his funeral. It was a worthy farewell with Grandpa and nice to meet again my cousins, uncles, aunt, grandma and grandpa.

Uncle reading the memorial speech for Grandpa. Great that he did it, so it was much more personal than if the priest who didnt know him should do it as usual.

Grandpa and the most of his Grandchildren.

Cousin, mom and aunt reading the last greetings.

At Grandpas grave.
Family at the grave (before he is buried there).
Flag at half mast. 
Visit to my sick Grandpa.
Nice mountain.


Walk in the mountain with uncle.

Stonecrushing and sorting-machine.
Refreshing well to drink from.

Nice wind farm!
Maersk is here too! A few of their over 3 million containers all over the world. I wonder where these shall ship.
Nice wind farm in wild enviroment!

More photos in my photoalbum.

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