Monday, June 09, 2008

Florida Healing Revival

Im so touched and inspired of seeing all the astounding healings God is doing and all the people who are saved and get strongly touched by God at the great revivalmeatings in Florida these times! This video is only one of the countless stunning healings. Are you an atheist or agnostic and believe this merely is a large conspiracy? Try self if you are sick, injured or whatever problems to ask God help you/fix it/heal you or ask a christian to pray for you! Or you could follow the meetings for yourself virtual on where the meetings are broadcastet live and in recording on the webstream almost every evening and night.

More information about Florida Healing Revival on MSNBC and Fox News!

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  1. Fantastisk det som skjer i Florida! Vi må berre be om at det kjem meir slikt, og at dette kan smitte over til Noreg! Todd bentley har jo profetert om at d kjem til å bli ein stor vekkelse blant unge menneske i Noreg!


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