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Foto: Øyvind Karstad
26-30. june I went to London and visited my cousin who has worked there this year in a church and for the homeless. And a totally casually coinsidence was that two very good friends(father and son) should travel to London the same days and we too rushed the same plane(and train and bus) home without knowing nothing about eachothers plans before we ordered tickets, thats a crazy coincidence! So it was nice to be with them too in London. And me and my dear cousin had it nice togheter these days and was doing in interesting things, and it was friendly that he invited me to London and hosted and guided me.
First I can tell about two occasions we dont have photos from. We was on revivalmeeting in Kensington Temple, it was mighty and great rocknroll-worship and some people was momentary healed from eyedisceases in front of all(just like last blogpost) who was that days special prayer-request.
The other occasion was when I played the organ of St. Pauls Cathedral!, that was one of my greatest organ-dreams who was possible to arrange because I have a friend who had a friend who knowed the organist playing this weekend in Cathedral and they was so kind to arrange playing for me at the cathedralorgan! This friend too was coming since he lives near London in the summers. Øyvind and Nils-Helge got permission to take video and photos when I played, but only to private use so I cant publish it here. Great experience to try one of Europes largest organs in one of the worlds largest churches! St. Pauls Cathedral are to the most beautiful and mighty building I ever have seen.
I should have photographed more but I had poor batterys and too small place on my memorychip. But I have borrowed some photos from my friends.

Foto: Øyvind Karstad
Me and my cousin Marius and my friends Øyvind and Nils-Helge who casually went to London contemporary on pub in London.

Foto: Marius Schwarz
Looks like a impressionistic painting.

The gigantic and spectacular wheelcostruction of London Eye!

I and Øyvind was up in London Eye.

London Eye is 135 m high. We was up in the ultimate time when the riwer(strainght under) was low. I thought on Fantastic 4 when London Eye almost is collapsing before the heroes are coming.

Here we just have boarded London Eye after have been trough metaldetector and sent luggage through X-rayscan. At the station the guards are to going thru each capsule with metaldetectors before capsule can be boarded again.

Foto: Øyvind Karstad.
Me and Nils-Helge seated in the front of second deck in the dobbeldeckers which is fun.

Foto: Øyvind Karstad
We eated a cheap dinner at Subway.

Foto: Øyvind Karstad
One of the long escalator-shafts in the underground. Its amazing tunnel and corridor-system in the underground. And always amazing to stay in the undergroundstations and first hear the mystical train-sounds from the tunnel, and then the train are coming in fast speed out of the tunnel(out of the hole who is exactly suiting the train), and than it slam on the brakes on the station. Have no pics of that.
My german-norwegian cousin with the ultimate London-background.

Skynews had live-coverage from Buchingham Pallace! Cool to see them backstage and with 2 sattelitcares.
Here in the roof ower the dome in St. Pauls Cathedral, its almost 80 m down to the floor!

In the tower of St. Pauls with great panorama

Never before had we looked a so huge movie-screen and it two was almost clearer image than reality!

We looked on the great movie Narnia-Prince Caspian in the 1330-seats THX-screen in Leicester Square Empire.

Photo: Marius Schwarz
The King on Narnia and his servant.

Narnia-floor in Leicester Empire Square.

This is the London-skyline with London Eye, St.Pauls cathedral etc. seen from Richmond Park. St Pauls is fx 15 km away.

Wembley stadium seen from Richmond Park almost 12 km away in fact, so that gives an impression of the great stadium.
We walked in Richmond Park to a place totally shilded from the city and we could imagine that we was far out in the country.
We found a idyllic little lake, we wanted to take a bath but we didnt have bathclothes so we only waded and restet with feets in the clear water. Here I have zoomed down to this place in Google Earth!

Foto: Nils-Helge Karstad

Photo: Øyvind Karstad
The spanish had party in the streets after the WorldCup-soccer-finale! In Picadilly circus they had climbed up on the fountain/monument as you see in video. That was cool!, London centrum was totally caotic and many cars and busses was beeping rythms steady.

Photo: Øyvind Karstad
Always amazing to see the police in action! They shaped a wall and than forced the spanish peoples down from the monument, and afterword maked ironring around monument. They didnt get down the people on the top, who still stood there and was making show to much response from all the spanish people around on the square.
Photo: Nils-Helge Karstad
This is Øyvind at the terminal in Paddington station with the gigantic vault! We took the train to Heathrow from here.

Photo: Øyvind Karstad
This is at Heathrow. At the runway to terminal 3 it works as its constant queue of 3-5 planes to take of. And this is only one of 3 runways on Heathrow and one of 4 airports in London.

Foto: Nils-Helge Karstad
Me and Øyvind at the Thems.

Photo: Nils-Helge Karstad
Me and Øyvind at the busstop.

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  1. Så ikke denne før nå. Det var grundig dokumentering! :-) Og på engelsk - bra jobba!

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  4. Heyhey, flott bloggpost og takkar for besøk! Va moro! Elles så va d grundig engelsk vi fekk servert her, godt jobba!

  5. Thank you for showing my country in such a lovely way. I'm very proud of England/Britain. Bra jobba.


    Katrine (Den Engelske.)

  6. trivselverdig blogging Jon.
    Mvh. Mathias

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