Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Concluded University

Now I have finished my bachelorgrade in music. I concluded my studies with organ-examrecital in Trondheim Cathedral. And it was nice that my parents and some familyfriends was too coming to Trondheim for the recital and celebrate my concluded education. And it was fun to play examrecital on the great cathedral organ. But as often when playing on important occasions its easy to be nervous and get blackout! :-)
And shortly I shall move back to Hamar again after studying at NTNU and living in Trondheim for 4 years. And 26-30. june I shall visit my cousin in London!

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  1. Interesting seeing this organ again after so many years. I played a recital there in 1984. At that time it was in a poor state of repair. I wonder what it is like now? Best wishes, Martin L.

  2. Hello, my name's Adrien, and I'm a french organ student at Brest, in Britany, so excuse-me if I make grammar mistakes... Well, I just wanted to say you that I heard your magnificent organ toccata many times, and I always say to myself: that's really a great chef-d'oeuvre! I love it, and I'm impatient to be able to play it! So, keep up the good work, et le bonjour de la France!

  3. Oh sorry, my name is not "Cavarace", but "Cavarec".