Sunday, July 22, 2012

spree killers massacred our world

Spree killers and massacres got the attention this weekend with the Denver theatre shooting, and the one year anniversary on the Norway massacre and terror attack.
Several guys from my city was either killed or barely survived after dreadful escapes one year ago. The days after the massacre I got to know several of the survivors I met on the public remembrance marking and the churches youth cafe. It makes impression when you hear the bestial , heartbreaking, traumatic eyewitness accounts from people you know. So easy to just dont care when you hear about disasters in the news from distant places, or regarding strangers.

Read some good stuff published related to these events giving some answers. First the powerful blog from a survivor of the Dark Knight theatre shooting, and about the comfort of God in tragedy. The other from the awesome, questions of the week about meaning in tragedy, and the problem of evil.
  Or if you are just sicken bored and exhausted after reading my freak-blog, watch rather this video :) 

And here's video from Oslo's public rembrance one year after. A guy I know plays the carillons in the tower:
Pray for the victimes and related after the massacres and terror in Norway and Denver, that they may find comfort in God.

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