Saturday, June 02, 2012

State of emergency: Bieber fever

Crazy Bieber fans Hopeful children wants to see Justin Bieber. It was interesting to experience the Bieber fewer in Oslo. You should almost believe God had become man again. It was quite chaotic where he was. Wanted to get some paparazzi-shots too but he hid all the day except 30 min on the stage, too hard to get. But at least I was on TV(behind the poor girls who got their Bieber-meet canceled)!

Police on the go
Where Bieber was expected to be, it was state of emergency. The police had much to do. You know its too crowdy when you dont get signal on your phone...

Desperate Bieber fans
Everybody wants to get inside the hotel where Bieber should hold a press conference, instead Bieber escaped the building after the fans had teared down the fence around and got to the door.

Justin had with him a look-alike to confuse the fans for his own security. Well played.
Fore more pictures, see my facebook-album.

Justin Bieber is christian too!

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