Friday, December 30, 2011

my 2011 in pics

Maersk is everywhere
Maersk is everywhere with their millions of containers. Here uttermost at the norwegian westcoast. They have btw the most awesome video presentation ever!

Wind farm on the mountain
Wind farm uttermost at the Atlantic Ocean.

Last glimpse of Grandpa. RIP.
My grandpa died, this is the last glimpse of him. RIP, many good memories.

Secret Service agent guarding the entrance
Secret Service agent guarding the entrance at a friends wedding.

The Saviour Cat
The Saviour Cat died, and didn't resurrect.

Circling around the Skimixer
Skimixer, the world's oldest paddle steamer on track still going strong on Norways biggest lake.

Massacre survivor
A friend who barely survived the Utøya massacre, here in memory of killed friends the day after.

20 000 at memorial
Memorial march for the massacred youths.

Another friend who survived the Utøya-massacre is skating. A good way to rest from the traumas. Glad they survived, and my condolences to all the victims.

Cathedral and government building
The Government building a few days before the bomb.

Bombed government building
And the government building after the bomb.

Washing the old cathedral
The old Cathedral was washed and painted.

Busy traffic at Oslo Airport.

Ham-Kam didn't make it to the top league this year neigther. It did'nt even help that an opponent was sitting on the goalkeeper.

Concrete eating monster
Iron eating predator demolishing buildings in the city centre.

The special effects was too much for Hamar Cinema
"The special effects was too much for Hamar Cinema" -a friends comment to this picture :)

Still waiting for saviour Jesus to end and judge the world.

extreme jumping
Peoples training parkour.

Train passing.

Train passing the bridge
And another train passing.

vivalavida 230
Party at church!

painting 153
Friend painting the wall.

Painting the mall
Another friend painting the mall
my brother proposed
My brother proposed on Christmas morning.

storm 5
A trolley tipped over and an advertising sign received critical injuries in the hinges after the hurricane Dagmar. Hoped to get some interesting pics of destruction, but could'nt find anything more serious than this!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
For more entertaining, watch this amazing Christmas Play!

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