Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flight again!

My good friend Simon Stensrud had his first flyinglesson and I joined his flight!
More photos from this fligths here.

Simon landing.
Wow, sharp 60 degree swing! We felt the G-force!

My other good friend Andreas taking nice spirals downwards from ca 6000 feet height!

Nice and dizzy swings!

Andreas Korsnes with nice lowpass flying ower beautiful norwegian winter-forest.

Our friend Dag Marius(lowest in lightgreen) was parachuting from helicopter.

Nice view. Andreas Korsnes flying!

Andreas's proud dad Geir Olav, and Andreas's little daugther.

Me in the backseat.


Andreas flew up to ca 1800 m! Great view up among the mountains in the horizon.

At ca 6000 feet! Fantastic to be that high!


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